If you follow Marc For Short regularly (or know me personally), you’re probably aware that I  frequent  Canada, and was actually there for a bit.

And whether you know me personally or not, you may be asking…why?


Great question.


Well, If you’re anything like my granny you’d assume it was because of someone special.

In her words, “you’ve already been there 3 or 4 times. The only reason I can see ya going again is for a lady! BOY…do you got a lady friend up there!”  -Haha

My answer to my granny and anyone else who may be wondering is no (or at least not yet).

This trip was actually  for several other reasons:
The  1st reason was  School.—As I’m sure you know, in order to stay competitive in a global economy you have to continuously improve your skills;  and for me, a graduate degree is one of those things that will potentially pivot me to the next level. I’ve worked in mental health for over several years since finishing undergrad and with that passion still burning in me, I know that a graduate degree will only benefit my long-term career goals.
Which leads me the second reason- Work!

With the growth of Marc for Short, I’ve thankfully been able to create an additional form of income! And so in an effort for growth, I figured that branding and marketing in the Canadian sphere  (while researching schools) would prove to be beneficial. Plus, I genuinely enjoy the laxness of  Canadian culture.

Which leads me to the last, and perhaps the most important reason, which is that I needed air. 

Often times I find that I need time to breathe, think and clear my mind- away from the U.S. for a bit. As much as I benefit from being  American, I often times find that living in the states can be overwhelming and serves enough cause for one to take a step away…and so that’s what I did.
As an old friend of mine would say, “travel more and worry less”.

And so, I-do…& I do.  🙂

Thanks for reading & until next time,



If you’d like to check out  photos from my travels throughout Canada,  click the link below:

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