Life in China

As I write this piece in my local coffee shop in Foshan, China – Guangdong Province, I find that I am reflective. There has been so much that has happened in the time since I traversed over the Atlantic from the United States to China. When people ask how my experience has been here, it’sContinue reading “Life in China”


      If you follow Marc For Short regularly (or know me personally), you’re probably aware that I  frequent  Canada, and was actually there for a bit. And whether you know me personally or not, you may be asking…why?   Great question.   Well, If you’re anything like my granny you’d assume it wasContinue reading “Air”

Peppermint Power

As I enter a new role in recruiting and a new year approaches, there is a lot to reflect on. If you know me personally, you know I never stop eating, so yep— I am reflecting on food. Particularly, snacks from all the college fairs or school visits I’ve attended… There are levels to this.Continue reading “Peppermint Power”

Dear Younger Me

Inspired by a talk with  Daryce If you had the chance to have a chat with the younger version of yourself, what would you tell them? Do you think your conversation would be more casual, like meeting up with an old friend? Or more assertive, like warning and demanding. We’ve all had those moments of,Continue reading “Dear Younger Me”


  Credit history, creditworthiness, credibility…these are all terms I’ve heard over the years but never quite grasped…until I stepped into adulthood. Growing up I  received tons of wisdom and advice from family, a considerable amount from my Grandma.  One tidbit  I recall her reiterating  over the years was to  ‘take care of your credit!’ However, ItContinue reading “Credit”