How to Obtain Your U.S. Passport

  Need a Passport? It’s easy!   If you are reading this, you have either made plans to go abroad or you’re toying with the idea.  No matter what stage you find yourself, getting a passport might seem daunting.     What do you need? Where do you go? How much does it cost?     ButContinue reading “How to Obtain Your U.S. Passport”

Culture Clash

The Clash A couple of weeks ago, my job afforded me the opportunity to sit at a table where a real-life debate fueled by ethnicity and our American history got uncomfortably amazing! It was a diverse table of college recruiters enjoying a Mexican meal in between fairs. I think we were discussing the upcoming electionContinue reading “Culture Clash”


  Okay…so I’m sure half of my friends and followers came to see pictures (and I can’t blame you-Quebec is/was beautiful), but in every experience, I hope to have a good takeaway…and this one was no different.  Aside from all the cool tourist stuff and the beauty of Jacques Cartier National Park (the pictures areContinue reading “Québec”